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Restating & Amending Governing Documents

Russell & Mallett, LLP restates and amends governing documents. Our fixed fee restatement program is both cost efficient and tailored to the needs of the vast majority of our clients. We provide some of the most comprehensive Election Rules offered in the CID industry including forms and an Election Inspector’s Report.

Review & Interpretation

All of Russell & Mallett, LLP attorneys can assist your association with the review, interpretation and enforcement of governing documents.

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Russell & Mallett, LLP assists its clients in drafting contracts, including indemnity and insurance provisions to protect our clients.

Russell & Mallett, LLP provides a short form contract to our clients in electronic form that can be filled out by the client or the client’s management company. We find this provides the best possible product for when counsel cannot, for reasons of time or expense, be retained to draft the contract. Including a draft contract in a bid proposal is essential to protecting the Association and obtaining apple to apple bids.


Russell & Mallett, LLP has developed sophisticated contracts for the retention of armed security services. It is our position that our clients should not start negotiating with a contract drafted by a security service provider but rather start with a contract based on the needs of the CID client from the start.

Title (i.e., Ownership)

Russell & Mallett, LLP advises clients regarding title issues. Many title issues can be resolved short of litigation or in the alternative be avoided altogether when easements, licenses, deeds or other property documents are initially drafted. Better to avoid problems now than face them years hence.

Insurance Review

Russell & Mallett, LLP stays current with changes in insurance laws and forms, indemnity rights and other essential contract provisions. Russell & Mallett, LLP assists its clients by protecting their interests in construction projects of all sizes.

Assessment Collections

Larry and Kevin founded Stonehenge Trustee Services in 2005, to serve CID clients in the collection of delinquent assessments. Often the lien and non-judicial foreclosure process provides the most cost effective tool for CIDs to recover unpaid delinquent assessments. Sadly, when this is not the case, Russell & Mallett, LLP aides a limited number of CID clients who truly need litigation to recover unpaid assessments.

If you need assistance with collections of delinquent assessments contact Stonehenge Trustee Services at:


Additional Areas of Expertise

Russell & Mallett, LLP maintains relationships with other law firms that can provide additional representation outside our practice areas such as bankruptcy, insurance coverage, employment, land use and taxation. By doing so, we save our clients time and money because these attorneys can use their existing knowledge within their fields of practice to advise our clients and, thus, do not need to learn the law at our clients’ expense.